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1.1 Delivery Times


1.1.1 Whilst we will use our reasonable endeavours to deliver the goods in the timescale advised to you, unexpected delays may occur in the supply chain and therefore we cannot guarantee that this timescale will be met.

1.1.2 Following the placement of an order it will be scheduled for delivery by the Transport Department. The Transport Department will then notify the customer of the approximate delivery week. Approximately three weeks prior to this week the Transport Department will again contact the customer to advise of the exact day of delivery and wherever possible the exact half day.

1.1.3 If a notified delivery week or day is put back at the customer’s request we will endeavour to reschedule the delivery to the soonest date. The timescale for the new delivery will depend upon transport availability and the full quoted delivery time prevailing may be applicable.

1.2 Delivery Process


1.2.1 The goods will be delivered into the room that you have selected. Good clear access should be provided from the outside of the property into the room prior to the delivery team’s arrival. All ornaments, pictures and furniture items that could restrict the delivery process should be removed.

1.2.2 Floor coverings should be protected prior to the delivery where necessary in order to withstand use by outdoor footwear. Health and safety regulations dictate that the delivery team must wear the appropriate footwear at all times.

1.2.3 The dimensions of the Goods quoted in our sales literature in all published formats are a guide only. There can be minor variations in the dimensions of the finished goods due to the handmade nature of the products. If you are in any doubt as to whether access is going to be adequate, we advise you to make an Access Request by speaking to a member of our sales team.

1.2.4 If items are delivered without a prior access report and it is found that they will not go into the property then an additional delivery charge will be made for the re-delivery.

1.2.5 If you make an Access Request, we will arrange for a representative of the delivery team to visit the property and determine whether delivery is possible and, if so, the means of access and what arrangements might need to be made so that access by that means is adequate.

1.2.6 Reports in respect of Access Requests are indicative only and do not guarantee that the Goods can be delivered to the premises and into the room as requested. The access request fee is none refundable and is still payable if the order is not proceeded with.

1.2.7 If after assessing the access into the property, the delivery team conclude that the furniture can be delivered but not without coming into contact with walls, woodwork, etc. the delivery can be rearranged until alternate access can be provided, or by signing a disclaimer, the delivery team can proceed with the delivery.

1.2.8 In the event of any damage being caused during the delivery process, the delivery team must be made aware of any damage before they leave.

1.2.9 The delivery team will give enough time for you to inspect the items to your satisfaction and then ask you to sign a receipt for the goods stating that they have been received in good condition. It is important that you inspect the furniture thoroughly as we cannot accept responsibility for cosmetic / superficial damage reported after delivery.

1.2.10 Please note that all of the above points also apply to any visit to your home by any Couch Potato staff for whatever reason.

1.3 Delivery Costs


1.3.1 The charge for a Standard Delivery is as shown on the confirmation order.
1.3.2 A Standard Delivery is a delivery made Monday to Friday to a ground floor room at an address provided by the customer.
1.3.3 Deliveries to remote regions may incur an additional delivery charge which will be advised on the order confirmation.
1.3.4 Deliveries that are not through a door at ground floor level and/or which involve the use of winches or similar equipment or are through windows or across terraces will incur additional charges to be agreed before delivery.
1.3.5 An Access-Request Inspection Report will incur a cost that is payable prior to or at the time of the visit.

1.4 Goods In Transit Insurance


Goods in transit by whatever means of transport are at risk of being lost, stolen or damaged. Goods in Transit Insurance provides protection for individuals or companies for such loss or damage. For your own piece of mind, we suggest that you arrange such insurance with your own broker to keep the cost at minimum.

2.1 Cash Sales


2.1.1 Payment of the appropriate deposit amount as shown on the confirmation of the order must have been received in cleared funds prior to the manufacture of the goods. For standard orders this is 80% of the order value. A 100% non-refundable deposit is required for bespoke orders.
2.1.2 The balance payment is due prior to, or at the point of delivery.
2.1.3 Balance payments at the point of delivery are only acceptable by either cleared bank electronic transfer, card payment or by Cash.
2.1.4 The delivery team accepting the payment will sign the customers’ confirmation order copy to confirm receipt of the payment.
2.1.5 This dated signature also commences the guarantee term for the goods.
2.1.6 Payments by Credit or Debit Card must be made within office hours 7 days prior to delivery. Payments can only be made with Credit or Debit Cards which are registered to the customer.

2.2 Cash Sales (Export Only)


2.2.1 For standard items a deposit of 80% is payable by bank transfer before manufacture commences. A 100% non-refundable deposit is required for bespoke orders.
2.2.2 The balance payment is due when the items are ready for despatch and must be made by bank transfer prior to the items leaving the Couch Potato factory.

3.1 Sizes


3.1.1 Goods are manufactured to be within reasonable commercial standards of tolerances for goods of their type and there can be minor variations in the dimensions of the finished goods as compared to any dimensions given in sales literature.  We therefore allow a 4cm or 3% tolerance, whichever is greater.

3.2 Quality & Care


3.2.1 Each of the items that we produce is individually hand made. There can be minor variations in colour, size and appearance between the goods and items displayed in our showroom, in our advertising literature, on our web site and in our advertisements.
3.2.2 Every piece of leather is unique. Each and every hide is hallmarked with its own character and qualities. Such hallmarks include growth lines and scars. These hallmarks are a testament to the natural origin of the product and should not be regarded as a defect or fault. Also each hide has variations in the texture of the grain and shade variations within and between hides. For the discerning owner, such hallmarking has long been considered one of leathers principal attractions. It is also quite normal to expect crease lines and some stretching to occur particularly on cushion tops. We are unable to accept the return of goods based on the complaint of trivial natural marks, scars or stretching that a reasonable person aware of leathers natural characteristics would expect.
3.2.3 We reserve the right without affecting our liabilities to you to make minor technical changes to the specification of goods, provided that the changes do not materially affect the use, quality, appearance or performance of the goods. There will be no price adjustment on account of specification changes.
3.2.4 All items within an order are made from the same batch of leather to ensure colour match, however as batches may vary we cannot guarantee colour match or the future supply of materials for items ordered at different times.
3.2.5 If an order is made in leather supplied by the customer then it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the leather involved meets all the relevant specifications and legal regulations with regard to flammability.
3.2.6 Certain polishes and air freshener sprays can cause damage to leathers and all such products should be used well away from leather covered furniture.
3.2.7 The Antique Effect finish that is used on some leathers is produced by over laying two different dyes and florenteaks to create an artificially aged look. It can be expected that everyday usage abrasion will accentuate this colour change and is an inherent feature of this kind of leather finish.
3.2.8 A reduction in the firmness of fillers and the movement of pleats is to be expected and therefore not considered as a fault.
3.2.9 Certain medications can cause abnormal amounts of excretions from the skin which in turn can adversely affect the surface of some leathers. The gauge for leather’s suitability for purpose will always be the relevant European Production Standards applicable. These test standards and the leathers characteristics are printed on the reverse of the customer’s order confirmation.
3.2.10 Exposure to both direct and indirect sunlight will affect all leathers in different ways and fading is the usual result.
3.2.11 If you have any questions regarding your furniture after delivery please contact our customer services department on 072-798-4149 or email;



4.1  Cancellation of an order will result in forfeiting of any deposit paid.

4.2 Should the cancellation of an order be received once an order has been completed, either partially or in full, the full invoiced amount shall be payable.



5.1 The internal wooden frames of our furniture, excluding items from our occasional range, are guaranteed against faulty materials and workmanship, allowing for fair wear and tear for a period of 25 years from the date of receipt. All other parts, including leather, fabric, springs, foam, wooden plinths, polished wood and all types of feet and legs are guaranteed against faulty materials and workmanship, allowing for fair wear and tear for a period of two years.
5.2 Leathers supplied by the customer are not covered by our guarantees and the customer should ensure that they are fit for purpose.
5.3 All guarantees apply to the original purchaser.
5.4 Our 25 year frame guarantee and 2 year faulty materials and workmanship guarantee applies within the borders of South Africa. Trade and export order guarantees are 1 year on both frame and faulty materials and workmanship. Our warranties are provided for domestic end users only. Goods purchased for commercial use are covered by a 1 year warranty. It is the responsibility of the business to ensure that the products purchased meet the standards required for the environment in which they will be used.
5.5 As a consumer you have certain rights regarding defective goods and this guarantee is given in addition to and not in substitution of your statutory rights.
5.6 During and after your guarantee you can purchase replacements parts for your furniture. Such additional purchases are guaranteed for 12 months.
5.7 Your guarantee does not cover deliberate damage, misuse, wear and tear or damage caused due to a failure to maintain the product with use of recommended care products.
5.8 Any required remedial work will be carried out by an expert technician within our factory. The arrangements to collect and return will be planned with our standard transport schedules. The furniture must be accessible to the delivery team. Original couch potato company will not be liable for costs incurred where normal access was not possible.



6.1 In stock pieces are ex-display furniture, customer cancellations and returns.  The furniture is reduced to reflect this and will not be in new condition. All in stock pieces are re-processed through our quality control team and will be free from major defects, but will invariably be in a condition representative of its use to date.



7.1 You acknowledge that before placing your order you represented and warranted to us that you are not insolvent and have not committed any act of bankruptcy, or, being a company with limited or unlimited liability, know of no circumstances which would entitle any debenture holder or creditor to appoint a receiver, to petition for your winding up or exercise any other rights over or against your assets.
7.2 Title in the goods shall pass upon payment of the whole of the price of all the goods in the order (including any Interest accrued on the price) and until then all the goods shall be and remain our sole and absolute property as legal and beneficial owner.
7.3 Until title passes in accordance with conditions in 7.2, you will be in possession of the goods solely as the bailee of the company.
7.4 Until title in the goods has passed in accordance with condition 7.2 you will not remove alter or deface any identification sign mark label or serial number of ours.
7.5 If you sell on our goods before title in them has passed from us, the entire proceeds of sale of the goods shall be held by you on trust for us and placed in a separate account identified as our monies and until you receive such sale proceeds you shall hold on trust for us your rights against the person to whom the goods were sold and will assign those rights to us on request.



8.1 Goods supplied by us shall be at your sole risk as soon as they are delivered to the delivery address and it shall be your responsibility at your own cost to insure the goods in their full reinstatement value against all usual risks and to properly keep them until title has passed.



9.1 If you are a consumer, nothing in these terms and conditions shall exclude or purport to exclude your statutory rights arising from dealing with us as a consumer.



As of the 25th of May 2018, The General Data Protection Regulations mean that you have greater control over how your data is used and kept. We aim to be as transparent as possible when it comes to your data, Original couch potato company will never pass on your details for other companies to contact you. This protects you from receiving unwanted post, emails and telephone calls.
We will only use the information that we collect about you lawfully in accordance with the South African Government rules and regulations.



11.1 The websites on which these terms and conditions appear are the websites of The original couch potato company. Commercial reproduction, distribution or transmission of any part or parts of the website or any information contained therein by any means whatsoever without the prior written permission of The original couch potato company is not permitted. The website and all intellectual property rights in its design, text, graphics and the selection and arrangement thereof belong to The original couch potato company or its licensors. The trade marks, logos and trade names on the website belong to The original couch potato company.



12.1 Each of our remedies is a separate remedy and operates without prejudice to any other remedy.
12.2 Any payment or reimbursement to be made by you under our contract with you or under these Terms and Conditions shall bear interest (both before and after judgment) from the date the payment or reimbursement fell due until payment is made. Interest is at the rate 4% above the base rate from time to time of South African commercial banks.
12.3 Any notice agreement approval or decision of ours under these Terms and Conditions shall be in writing and no person dealing with or handling the goods or providing services other than us has any right or authority to bind us in any way or to assume on our behalf any obligation express or implied.
12.4 Each of these Terms and Conditions shall be severable and distinct from one another and if one or more of such provisions is invalid or unenforceable the remaining Terms and Conditions shall not in any way be affected.
12.5 None of these terms and conditions affects your statutory rights and in case of conflict between these terms and conditions and your statutory rights, your statutory rights will prevail.

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